Bao Zi Lin – Li Chan Wo Sports Association

Master Li Chan Wo (李燦窩師傅) 單頭棍法,又名五郎八卦棍,其中一式。

Master LI Chan Wo

Bao Zi Lin – Li Chan Wo Sports Association:

      Master Li Chan Wo was born in Hong Kong in 1939. He studied the Hung Gar style under Grand Master Mok Kwai Lan, who was also his foster mother. Master Li became an assistant instructor for Grand Master Mok Kwai Lan when he was 19 years old. In 1974, he taught his first classes as an instructor in a local adult community center. He also created his own martial arts school the same year. Master Li took over Grand Master Mok Kwai Lan’s work after she passed away in 1982. He followed his master’s example in teaching traditional Chinese martial arts by focussing on the training of mind and body. Today, Master Li is  still active in passing down the knowledge, wisdom, and value of traditional Chinese martial arts, and lion dance. Master Li is a government certified Chinese medical practitioner majoring in bone setting. For consultation, please make an appointment beforehand.