The aim of our association is to promote Kung Fu master Wong Fei Hung and his wife Mok Kwai Lan's martial spirit. That is to strengthen people's body, respect for teachers and emphasize the importance of morality. It is our ultimate hope not only to promote the Hung Gar Kuen, but also to nurture more and more young talents.

The codes of our association: 12 codes of conduct for youth

1. Loyalty and Bravery are the foundations of patriotism
2. Filial piety is the foundation of family discipline
3. Benevolence and love are the foundations of friendship
4. Faith and justice are the foundations of careers
5. Peace and Equality are the foundations of social interaction
6. Propriety is the foundation of managing a business
7. Obedince is the foundation of responsibility
8. Industry and Frugality are the foundations of public service
9. Neatness and cleanness are the foundations of health
10. Helping others is the foundation of happiness
11. Learning is the foundation of social Contribution
12. Constancy is the foundation of Success

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