【Our master Wong Fei Hung】
Wong Fei Hung(1850-1925)was orginally named Wong Shek Cheung, and his courtesy name was Tat Wan. He was a kung fu grandmaster from Lingnan martial arts circle during the Ching dynasty, and he was also a compassionate and caring herbalist and bonesetter. He was born on 9th July 1850(in Lunar calendar), which was during the 30th year of Dàoguāng Era in Qing Dynasty. He was born in Huang Jiafang,Xilong She, Luzhou Village, Xiqiao Management Office, Nanhai District, Foshan( Nowaday his reconstructed ancestral home is located next to Pak Tai Temple in Luzhou Village.). Some suggested that he was born in Foshan Town, but that is still yet to be confirmed by historical research. He spent his childhood and teenage years in Fushan and Guangzhou.

His father Wong Kay Ying had two sons, the elder one was Wong Choi Tin, younger one was Wong Fei Hung. Wong Kay Ying was the disciple of Luk Ah Choi, who was a kung fu grandmaster in Guangdong and successor of Shaolin Kung fu. Wong mastered all of Luk's skills, so he became the 4th generation sucessor of Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu. And he was also known as one of the "Ten Tigers of Guangdong" in the late Qing dynasty, who were said to be the top 10 Guangdong kung fu masters during that time.

【Our master's wife Mok Kwai Lan】
Mok Kwai Lan(1891-1982)was came from Bak Pai, Cai Hoi, Gao Yao District in GuangDong province.(Gao Yao was close to Guijiang River, a city close to Guangzhou). Her great uncle taught her Mok Gar Kung Fu (which was passed down within Mok's family) since she was a child. (She still remembered one of the routine called "Ganoderma Breaking" from Mor Gar Kung Fu.) She already became an professional bonesetter at sixteen year old. The kung fu skill of Mok Kwai Lan was very professional, and she was bold, fierce and as brave as any male kung fu master. She started to teach kung fu and heal people while she was young, and she was famous for her toughness. Whenever anything unfair happened, she stood out firmly against the injustice acted fearlessly. Her agressive and tough character was so different from Wong Fei Hung, who was a peaceful and calm person.

【Photo collection of Mok Kwai Lan SiTai】

Mok Kwai Lan SiTai in her middle age

1958 August 23rd - group photos of Wong Fei Hung's disciples during Commemoration of Wong Fei Hung's Birthday. Mok Kwai Lan SiTai was in middle of 2nd row

1971 August 26th - group photos of Wong Fei Hung's disciples during Commemoration of Wong Fei Hung's Birthday. Mok Kwai Lan SiTai was in middle of front row

Mok Kwai Lan SiTai have been invited to involve the filming of Wong Fei Hung movies.
Mok Kwai Lan SiTai(middle of the 3rd row).
Kwan Tak Hing, actor who played the role of Wong Fei Hung (middle of the 2nd row)
Wu Pang, director (middle of the front row)

1954 April 18th - group photos of disciples during recreation event. Mok Kwai Lan SiTai(6th from right of the 2nd row)

Wong Fei Hung's wife Mok Kwai Lan SiTai being interviewed by 《Real Kung Fu》magazine.

Kung Fu School at 1953
Mong Kwai Lan SiTai(6th from right in the 3rd row)
Wong Hon Hei, Wong Fei Hung's 10th son(6th from right in the 3rd row).

Group photo during recreation night event
Mok Kwai Lan SiTai (middle of the front row)
Li Chan Wo SiFu (3rd from left of the front row)