Exam syllabus of each Level
1st Chin Chi Cheung
("千" Character Palm)

Yin Long Kuen
(Dragon Appearance Fist)
  • Flute
  • Front and back stance turning with punch
  • Sei Ping Ma(Horse stance) for a minute
  • 12 codes of conduct for youth
2nd Gung Chi Fuk Fu Kuen
("工" Character Taming the Tiger Fist)
  • Double headed pole
  • Understanding of the lineage of Hung Gar
  • Gung Chi Chaak part 1
    "工" Character sparring set(part 1)
  • Sei Ping Ma(Horse stance) for a minute and half
3rd Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen
(Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist)
  • Spear
  • Gung Chi Chaak part 2
    "工" Character sparring set(part 2)
  • Kung fu application("工" Character)
4th ※Ng Ying Kuen
(Five animal Form Fist)
  • PoleBlade
  • Dagger
  • Saber
  • Gung Chi Chaak part 3
    "工" Character sparring set(part 3)
  • Sparring set of pole
  • Double Saber※
  • Crescent PoleBlade(Chun Chau Dai Do)
  • Fu Hok Chaak
    (Tiger Crane Paired Form sparring set )
  • Double Sword
  • Dagger sparring set
  • practise of teaching student
7th Tit Sin Kuen
(Iron Wire Fist)※
  • Long Pole※
  • Long Pole sparring set
  • Sparring set of double saber against spear
  • Self-awareness
  • Assistant coach, get prepared to be promoted to coach※。
  • Vision for education
※Remarks:Coaches need to be indoor disciples. Only indoor disciples are allowed to be trained for Ng Ying Kuen, Tit Sin Kuen, Double Blade and Single-headed Pole